RACKETS 2012 – 2019

Rackets” are a group of wall mounted sculptures I have been making in the last 6 years. They are made of wood, photographs, epoxy, and paint and various other materials. Each sculpture is a cacophony of discordant elements that cohere into a robust visual and sculptural presence.

Within each of these sculptures form, void, planes, concavity, convexity, pattern, words, image, symbol, color, the sensuous and the clumsy are forged together into a singular object. These works refer to themselves, and outwards to the world. The results are a visual and symbolic narrative in between the literal and poetic which will take the willing on a journey.

These sculptures assert themselves into the space we share. They have frontality, and forceful three-dimensionality that offer the viewer pleasure from every viewpoint. The conversation between the two-dimensional and the three- dimensional creates a tension and a compelling force.

I begin each work with a seed of an idea or feeling about a piece of wood, a photograph or something less concrete. The components I use to build the work are altered and adjusted, their original nature and purpose transform as they are knit together into a sculpture that gives me the sensation I seek.

“Rackets” are works that share a vocabulary and sensibility with ancient and twentieth century sculpture, commercial signage, and the inelegant contrivance of the high school science fair project.
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The Laminates were an opportunity to work with the interplay of image, shape and void. I wanted to dance between creating an object that needs no story, and utilizing imagery dense with implications within the object. Although these works are flat there is sculptural space that moves along the edges and through the voids. Laminating these pieces unifies them and gives them a presence. These works should be displayed floating ¼ inches off the wall.

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SHELL WORKS 2007 – 2011

Shell works are a group of sculpture that was made between 2007 and 2011. The materials used are walnut shells, photographs,metal and plastic and other miscellaneous substances and rubble.
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