About Richard Goldberg


Richard Goldberg is a visual artist who was born in New York and has been living and working in San Francisco since 1979. His undergraduate work included a year of study in Florence Italy, extensive travel to Europe’s great museums and participation in Joseph Beuys’ Free International University at Documenta 6 in Kassel Germany. His MFA in Painting was received from The San Francisco Art Institute. Drawing, painting and work on paper has been a major focus in the last 30 years. Most recently he has been making 3 dimensional works. He has exhibited in San Francisco Bay Area and had a one person exhibit in Florence Italy.


Over the last 45+ years I have been making paintings and drawings, and more recently 3-dimensional works.

I have created my work in sequential groups, each exploring particular images, notions, and sensations that captivate me to make them into something that is tangible.

Over the years I have used paper, carpet, wood and recently epoxy as the structures, and charcoal, pencil, ink, paint, textiles, photographs and others as the media to convey the image and sensation. A constant in my work has been taking pleasure in the visual and substantive qualities of the material itself.

My mission has been to create objects that are a visual experience and physical presence, that have a dialogue within themselves and with the viewer. I want each piece to be an evocative visual and material poetry which resonates and lingers, to have a clarity and also a resistance to being known.


Humorous, vulgar, poetic, violent and serene –the art of Richard Goldberg is a psychological and visceral journey on a dark road to the end of the night. Upon discovering the work of Goldberg one is transported to a prism of both shock and unconstrained wonder. His subject matter, from catatonic and bulbous poodles to cavemen clubbing themselves to death, tell a historical tale of man and beast – primal urges of lust for murder –a wonderland of perturbed and psychedelic fauna. Goldberg learned at a young age the power of art and that to understand his world he must paint it, draw it, and sculpt it: “I have a strong memory of making a papier-mâché puppet at school when I was 6 years old. It was ugly and I gave it a rude name. It felt subversive. I was delighted and amused with my small gesture of independent expression.” Goldberg uses a variety of media to complete his drawings but he has also explored the use of carpet and in his recent work has used walnut shells, photographs, and wood to create three dimensional works. If you look back at the nearly three decades of Goldberg’s oeuvre you will notice a deeply spiritual and creative artist who through the use of metaphor and symbolism – with a soupçon of tongue and cheek – has created a twisted and romantic landscape of the human experience. Life, death, love, and sex all wash up along the shore of Goldberg’s paintings and sculptures like precious and remarkable artifacts, objects, and talismans that we can use to further elucidate the hidden meanings and quiet desires of not only the collective unconscious, but our personal unconscious, our anima and animus, and also our universe.

Oliver Maxwell Kupper, editor-in-chief AUTRE magazine





1977-1978 Studio Arts Center International, Florence, Italy

1978 BFA University of Denver

1987 MFA San Francisco Art Institute

Group Exhibitions

“The Third Dimension” San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo, California.2019


“Friday the Thirteenth” Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco, California.
Two person show along with painter Scott Williams


“Chain Reaction Show”, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, San Francisco,


Talk Gallery, Santa Barbara, California


“Small Works ‘82”, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, California.


Altarpiece Gallery, San Francisco, California.


“Son of Mayhem Performance Festival”, San Francisco, California.


One person exhibitions

“Rackets and Laminates” Sculptures and collages, Far Out Gallery, San Francisco, California


“Orologi, Mostri, Infortuni: Drawings and Paintings”, SACI Gallery, Florence, Italy.


Tassajara Café, San Francisco, California, 1991


Vesuvio’s, San Francisco, California, 1985


Online articles

Artist’s website: rgoldbergartworks.com

Pas Un Autre Magazine, “Studio Visit Profile” July 2012


Hillbilly Magazine, “Interview with Richard Goldberg”, July 2012


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